Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Time

My first ever entry in a blog. so far, so good.


Loup Vaillant said...

Not be the last, I hope, son!

Loup Vaillant, Talking to himself

Franck said...

Hope too,even if I am not so hard with OPP, but it's probably because I'am not so experimented.I will see later the borderline of OPP later, but I am sure that OPP have a very big potential if he is well-spent, when it is necessary.
See you later!

Loup said...

I am not sure I understand. Besides, I think you have replied the wrong post.

Oh, and please check your syntax. ;)

Aurette said...

Loup ! Ecris ton blog en FRANÇAIS et sans une erreur de syntaxe avant de dire des choses pareilles ! :p

Même si par hasard il s'agit du Franck que je connais, et même si ce commentaire vient un peu tard. :p